Tuesday, September 27, 2022

 Finally today, I am moving ahead with my backlog of novels. After writing five novels that were marginally marketed due to my wish to snag a Literary Agent as well as ending my relationship with Black Opal Books. With the changing world of books, I happily became an indie author. However, two novels needed new titles and updates. A Sinister Obsession became Dead Can't Haunt You and Succubus Resurrection became The Demon Hunters. They have fabulous new covers designed by J. B. Rosenstein. So, I am fully back to marketing and completing the edit on If We're Dreaming, Don't Wake Us!   

Fifth Novel in final edits

Hi everyone, My 4th novel, If We're Dreaming Don't Wake Us! will be out after the New Year. It is a comedy, tragedy, about mature re...