Sunday, October 10, 2021


I’ve just published my latest novel, Time Of The Lioness: Internet Apocalypse, Book 1. It is for sale on Amazon in ebook and paperback formats. As the eclectic author, this apocalyptic thriller should have you terrified of your future. Like Shakespeare and Hemmingway, my stories are not genre generated, but evolve from my knowledge of human nature and my passions.


You’re at work, in school, at home, out shopping, trapped in an elevator, or sky-high on an amusement park ride when the power and lights suddenly go out. For a moment, you’re just annoyed, expecting only a momentary problem. Doesn’t happen! Along with the power outage, all means of communication have been severed. The Internet is down and a terrorist’s face gloats. Fear now creeps into your optimism. Hours later, with a world overly dependent on cyberspace, global economies begin to crumble from this irrevocable cyberattack. Totally freaked out, you’ve now become a prisoner of inertia—clueless about how to deal with anarchy, cruelty, and violence.

Annie Oakley Frye is a Cyber Warfare Specialist accepted cyberspace had become a cesspool of evil based on the multitude of daily cyberattacks. Annie does not live in a dystopian, fantasy world like Katniss Everdeen, Beatrice Prior, and Lara Croft—she lives among us. Once she discovers this invisible menace is lurking in a million networks, and it can’t be stopped from obliterating world economies, she sheds her mild-mannered personality and becomes the lioness of her youth to survive. Out of kindness she warns her friends about this approaching cyber nightmare, but they scoff at her insider information and doomsday scenario, believing the government won't let it happen. Once the cyber nightmare launches a surprise arrives at her door!  Amazon -  3answX5


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Fifth Novel in final edits

Hi everyone, My 4th novel, If We're Dreaming Don't Wake Us! will be out after the New Year. It is a comedy, tragedy, about mature re...