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Thanks for stopping by my updated blog. As you can see, I have not engaged my fellow writers and readers, using Blogger. According to social media gurus, this has been a mistake. So, I can happily say I've spent days updating the pages and writing news. The blog will now have an active subscription section as a newsletter. Before I began my writing career, I never knew I'd need extraordinary marketing skills to have readers find my novels. It's been a never-ending learning experience with more setbacks than successes. 

As a multi-genre author, enjoy browsing through my novels.


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Forrester's Folly is a mature romance with a science fantasy backdrop. It was initially published in 2015 by Black Opal Books, under the title Stardust Dreams. When this independent publisher became dysfunctional, as most do, I left them. Unfortunately, Amazon's policy does not remove titles, so it has a new one. Here are just two reviews. 

5.0 out of 5 stars “WOW"   Not my typical type of book, and I have had the love of reading since I was probably 10 Yrs old. This book really my interest into something I had never even thought about, The book had a little bit of everything the story was one in anticipation and the ending was perfect.

 5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommended book! I’m a guy, retired with a love of reading. I received this book as a gifted copy. So few books with a leading male character are interesting. Usually spies or cops. And they bore me now. Lance left me spellbound. I want to be Lance, an astronaut with a passion for adventure. A true hero who valued friendships

Forrester’s Folly is an adventure love story. Lance Forrester is an astronaut, engineer, and dreamer. Dying of cancer it is time to seek his boyhood dream of reaching an advanced alien civilization in the glorious universe. Not wishing to have a solo flight in his secret spacecraft, he seeks a suitable traveling companion. Days before his departure, in a gloomy mood, either fate or luck intervenes, and he sees a startling headline on the cover of a celebrity magazine. Sage Saint Charles, an ancient starlet, is near death. She was his secret puppy love in high school. Attempting the impossible, Lance flies to California, hoping to convince Sage to join him on his fanciful quest for immortality. If Sage agrees, will she overcome her tragic past and profound distrust of people to join Lance? If she joins him, will Lance and Sage overcome the emotional scars of their first lives and find true happiness? I hope I've intensified a desire to join them on their grand adventure.


This is a historical horror novel set in the early 1960s. Designed from my warped imagination, I based the story on Angela de la Sartre, an actual woman in history who was falsely accused by the clergy of copulating with Satan and burned at the stake. Just before death, Angela offered her soul to Satan. Centuries later, consumed with merciless rage, she will return to earth on a diabolical mission for Satan.

Amazon Reviewer 

I absolutely loved this book. I thought I would read it over a few days in my spare time but once I started reading it was un-putdownable to coin a new word. The succubus radiates pure evil while supplying surprisingly vivid and frequent sexual encounters. and a plot loaded with violence.

You have not and will not have ever met a demon this real and diabolical. Dissimilar to other demonic stories that have vague, shadowy villains, I bring this succubus to life in an unfamiliar modern age!

My riveting novel incorporates demonic possession, life after death, a sex-crazed maniacal demon, the early 1960s during the Kennedy presidency, a mature romance, and an apocalyptic threat to human civilizations. 

My novel was originally published by Black Opal Books under the title, A Sinister Obsession, but they are defunct. It has returned to the bookshelves with a new title and dramatic updates. 

A homicidal maniac with a sinister obsession is on a quest to realize a lifelong dream. Leaving behind a string of seemingly unrelated and cruel murders, paranormal Detective Sergeant Aubrey McKenzie, of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Maryland Department of State Police will not solve this mystery unless she can first discover the Who before she can discover the Why . . .


Time Of The Lioness: Internet ApocalypseBook 1 & Book 2 of a trilogy is an apocalyptic, suspense, thriller. As the multi-genre author, this highly researched story had me, as it will have you, terrified of our futures. 

You’re at work, in school, at home, out shopping, trapped in an elevator, or sky-high on an amusement park ride when the power and lights suddenly go out. For a moment, you’re just annoyed, expecting only a momentary problem. Doesn’t happen! Along with the power outage, all means of communication have been severed. The Internet is down and a terrorist’s face gloats. Fear now creeps into your optimism. Hours later, with a world overly dependent on cyberspace, global economies begin to crumble from this irrevocable cyberattack. Totally freaked out, you’ve now become a prisoner of inertia—clueless about how to deal with anarchy, cruelty, and violence.

4.0 out of 5 stars -  Reviewer

"When a terrorist unleashes a virus across the internet, most believe it’s a temporary blip. Perhaps a ransomware attack that can be dealt with easily. However, as the problem persists, it becomes apparent that this is no normal terrorist attack. As the world panics, Annie Frye must dig deep, finding her survival skills and her courage to survive in a new world."

Annie Oakley Frye, a Cyber Warfare Specialist, knew cyberspace had become a cesspool of evil based on the multitude of daily cyberattacks. Annie does not live in a dystopian, fantasy world like Katniss Everdeen, Beatrice Prior, and Lara Croft—she lives among us. Once she discovers this invisible menace is lurking in over a million networks, and it can’t be stopped from obliterating world economies, she sheds her mild-mannered personality and becomes the lioness of her youth to survive. 




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